Spain customer visited our factory today

Have been contacting from Sept. last year,one of our good customers visited our factory as we arranged on time today.

He is the boss of a software company in Spain,want to find good supplier for hardware,so we can cooperated for long term.

We showed him around our showroom and introduced to him our new products for different application scenes such as kiosk for banks,hospitals and police service etc.

He pays more attention to our magic mirror and wants to make new one as requested,we surely no problem!so confirmed with him about the details for it soon.

later we lead him to visit our production line,he praised that we have good quality control and have good qualified workers,so that can rely on us.

after had lunch together,i sent him to station as he will go back to his hotel to deal with this project.

Welcome old and new customers to visit our factory! after visiting us,you will know more about our company and products and our service.

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Post time: Feb-25-2019