Digital signage hardware trends to watch in 2019

Digital signage is consistently improving thanks to hardware that has become thinner and more robust and powerful. It is easy to get lost in all the hype surrounding brighter displays and 8K resolutions, but the real innovation in the space is a focus on truly innovative experiences, which draw in customers and leave a solid impression.

Digital Signage Today spoke with Kevin Christopherson, director of product marketing at NEC Display Solutions to get his take on digital signage hardware trends for 2019.

Q. What do you see as the next big thing in the digital signage hardware space?

A. The next big thing in the digital signage hardware space will be a focus on overall experience, rather than just advertising. Especially in retail, digital signage will create a more natural experience for customers that come into a business owner’s store.

Digital signage will also expand its role beyond advertising, helping businesses better understand their customers and providing them with personalized experiences.

Q. What will we see less of in 2019?

A. Same as above, in 2019 digital signage applications will be less narrowly focused on advertising.

Q. What will we see more of in 2019?

A. In additional focus on experience and analytics will add interest to display technologies that really make content pop, like large format displays, dvLED(direct view LED) and projection mapping. All of these technologies enable a lot of creativity when


it comes to designing customer experiences.


Aside from that, we think there is going to be an increased interest in IWB (Integrated White Board), which will come from corporate and education customers. IWB is a great way to enhance collaboration and learning, and people are getting really excited about taking advantage of the technology that’s now available.

Q. Will more companies use System-on-a-chip in 2019?

A. SoCs will continue to be readily available moving forward.

Q. Will we see more 4K displays in 2019?

A. Yes, there is a strong migration to 4K signage solutions so you can expect to see that is where the market is heading in the coming year. Full HD solutions aren’t to be overlooked though, and they still represent a significant portion of the market.

Christopherson provided additional insights into the digital signage market in the Digital Signage Future Trends Report. The report contains insights from key market leaders, and it also offers information on how end users are using digital signage, compiled from a survey to users in every vertical. You can download the report here.



Post time: Feb-18-2019