• Rocfly Touch Screen KER in Indonesia

    2019.12.5~2019.12.7 ROCFLY TOUCH SCREEN IN INDONESIA  
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  • Global Sources Electronics, Indonesia——Dec 5 – 7, 2019 • Jakarta Convention Centre

      Meet China’s top suppliers – close to home in Jakarta.   - Seize new sourcing opportunities - Find the latest innovations - Connect with new business partners Dear Clients: The world’s largest electronics trade fair comes to Indonesia in December 2019. Experience world-class sourcing conve...
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  • Sino-US trade war solution

    Dear American customer, Recently, due to the mutual increase in tariffs between China and the United States, we know that it has caused a lot of trouble to our customers in the United States . In order to deal with this situation, create profits for customers and share difficulties with all cust...
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  • Spain customer visited our factory today

    Spain customer visited our factory today

    Have been contacting from Sept. last year,one of our good customers visited our factory as we arranged on time today. He is the boss of a software company in Spain,want to find good supplier for hardware,so we can cooperated for long term. We showed him around our showroom and introduced to him o...
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  • 3 reasons to use interactive digital signage

    No matter what industry you use it in, interactive digital signage can make your content more impactful, engaging and exciting. Just like people are more likely to remember something if they write it down, they are also more likely to remember something if they have to engage with it, rather than...
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  • Digital signage hardware trends to watch in 2019

    Digital signage is consistently improving thanks to hardware that has become thinner and more robust and powerful. It is easy to get lost in all the hype surrounding brighter displays and 8K resolutions, but the real innovation in the space is a focus on truly innovative experiences, which draw i...
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  • Re-open Notice

    Hi all our company re-open on 2019/01/14 . WELCOME TO ORDER . Shenzhen KER information Technology
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  • Digital Signage Future Trends report delivers insights for 2019

    Everyone wants to know what the next big innovation will be in 2019. While it is impossible to predict the future with 100 percent certainty, the 2019 Digital Signage Future Trends report delivers key market insights to help end users and vendors alike get a sense of where the market is headed in...
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  • Looking at the future of indoor digital signage

    Looking at the future of indoor digital signage

    Digital signage has been rapidly expanding its reach in nearly every market and area, especially indoors. Now, both large and small retailers are using digital signage in greater numbers to advertise, boost branding improve customer experience, according to the Digital Signage Future Trends Repor...
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  • Use Of Digital Menu Boards In Restaurants

    Restaurants are these days trying to up their advertising and digital signage game owing to the number of new cafes and restaurants that have opened up. Every restaurant adopts a different strategy to tackle the new competitors and to improve their brand presence in the market. Besides only adver...
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  • OLED, QLED, MicroLED and LCD at CES 2019 – Bigger & Better

    OLED, QLED, MicroLED and LCD at CES 2019 – Bigger & Better

    Global manufacturers showcased their latest products and prototypes at CES 2019 giving a glimpse of what the future would bring. This year the focus was on AI, 5G and connected living. AI will be making devices smarter, better and simpler to use, while 5G will empower connected devices with high ...
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  • Notice:Chinese new year holiday-2019.1.21

    Notice:Chinese new year holiday-2019.1.21

    The Chinese New Year holiday is coming. We will be off work from Jan.30th -Feb.15th . Please be aware that All the order placed from 25th will be arranged after the CNY . Thank you for your support in 2018 . we will do better service on 2019 . wish everything goes well with you  .   -Shenzhe...
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