Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention manual

Excerpt from: national infectious diseases clinical medicine research center, National Key Laboratory of infectious diseases diagnosis and treatment

When taking public transportation such as plane and train, the density of people is large, the space is closed, and the risk of contacting virus is high. Proper protective measures must be taken when traveling, and contact with others shall be reduced.

(1) when going to public places and taking public transportation, masks must be worn, and more masks can be prepared for replacement;

(2) carry alcohol containing hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and other disinfectants with you; (3) if the driving time is short, it is recommended to eat before getting on the train.

If you need to eat in a long way, you must wash your hands before eating; it is recommended that you prepare your own cleaning bag to deal with personal debris and not spit everywhere; when you drive, you should pay attention to self disinfection, you should first use a sterile spray set or disinfect the equipment and seats in the car, and then ventilate after disinfection.




Post time: Mar-14-2020