17″Floor-standing information queue kiosk

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  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: T/T ,Western Union ,Paypal
  • size: 17"/19"
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           This queue management system is mainly used in fast food restaurant, cantee, clinic, hospital and so on where there are a lot of customers waiting for his or her service. They system consist of a transmitter (Numerical Keypad)for the caller and a receiver for the one who will be called. When the callers are ready for offering service, he or she just press the number on the keypad to send an ID to the pager. And the people holder the pager will know the information that the dishes or the service are ready to be offered and take it at earlier time.

     How does it work?

    (1) Customer give order to counter;

    (2) Counter take order and give customer a Q number.

    (3) Customer wait somewhere for order.

    (4) When Order ready. For example No. 999′s order is ready. Counter can press 999 + “ENT” key from calling keypad Then LED screen receiver will display the number 99 on the screen with dingdong sound.

    (5) Customer will see the display number and go collect food.

    Main Function

    1.    17″/19″/22″ true-color LCD touch screen

    2.   Support bilingual GUIs and voice prompt

    3.   Support playing multi-media advertisements

    4.  Support flexible combination of enquiry modules

    5.  Support wireless access and LAN access

    6.  Support automatic startup/shutdown and autoplay on startup

    7.  Support communication with third-party systems

    8.  Support Windows/Linux operating system

    queue kiosk

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